About Us

Reid Hall Farms was officially launched in 2007.  I, Reid Hall, have been farming since I was 12 years old starting out on the farm behind my house, doing farm chores and learning.  I started this company as a summer adventure when I was in my junior year of high school baling square bale hay for horse farms/barns in/around Louisville, Ky.  I started growing grain two years later with 20 acres and a soybean crop that yielded 55 bu/ac and from there I was hooked!  There is nothing like working all year nurturing something and getting to reap the rewards of all your work. 

I moved to Lexington almost four years ago to finish up college and to expand my business as there is more opportunity for expansion in the area.  I farm corn, soybeans, wheat, square and round bale hay as well as cattle.  The company is always looking for expansion opportunities and does pay finder fees for leads to land available for lease in the area.  Please contact us with questions through email or phone.  Thank you very much!       
Our Mission: Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality product whether it be beef, vegetables, or hay while preserving and conserving the land for generations to come.  We strive to please every land owner we lease from and treat the land like our own.  
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