Overview of Operations

  • We are a pretty strict no-till operation, we do use a subsoiler to improve drainage,soil health, soil tilth, and to promote good micro organisms in the soil.
  • We do tillage when it is needed and the landowner is fully involved in this decision and the way it is done.
  • All of our equipment is well maintained, fully insured, and most is late model. 
  • The business is fully insured and you as a land owner can be added to the policy for your own protection should anything happen.
  • We have all the equipment and knowledge to put corn, soybeans, wheat and rye in the ground and harvest it. 
  • We also have all the equipment for hay making and removing that hay, once rolled or baled, from your land.
  • The use of cover crops is something we utilize for soil health and also land conservation. 
  • Soil testing, fertilizing, and liming are done every year.
  • GPS is also utilized in the operation for accurate planting acreage and to minimize overlap with various implements. 
  • Thank you for visiting the site and please if you have any questions or comments, contact us!   
Email Us: Reidhallfarms@aol.com

Call Us: 502-767-2862

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